Ford Motor Partnering With Utilities To Test Newly Developed PHEV Technology


Ford Motor Co. and its utility partners, including Southern California Edison, American Electric Power (AEP), Consolidated Edison of New York and others, are testing a proprietary communications and control system that enables electric vehicles to interface with the power grid.

The new technology – which builds on Ford's SYNC, SmartGauge and Ford Work Solutions products – allows consumers to program when to recharge their vehicles, for how long and at what utility rate. Ford says the first of the specially equipped plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) has been delivered to AEP, adding that all of its plug-in hybrids will eventually be equipped with the system.

When plugged in, the battery systems of these plug-in hybrids can communicate directly with the electrical grid via smart meters provided by utility companies through wireless networking. Ford says its plug-in hybrid research focuses on four primary areas: battery technology, vehicle systems, customer usage and grid infrastructure.

SOURCE: Ford Motor Co.

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