Fontaine Alternative Fuels Fires Up New Website


Fontaine Modification's new Fontaine Alternative Fuels division has debuted web resources designed to give alt-fuel conversion customers insight into advanced fuel systems and alternative fuel engine installations.

The website,, describes the complement of services and technologies that the division offers, ranging from dedicated propane autogas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) configurations to alt-fuel installations on OEM gliders and fleet repowering projects.

‘Alternative fuel conversions are increasing in popularity, and the website will grow as the company grows,’ says Paul Kokalis, executive vice president of Fontaine Alternative Fuels. ‘We are constantly engineering and testing new systems and look forward to helping fleet managers, dealers and OEM representatives find the right alternative fuel solutions for their vehicles.’

Fontaine Alternative Fuels is based in Charlotte, N.C., and has centers in Denton, Texas; Garland, Texas; Laredo, Texas; Dublin, Va.; Gainesville, Ga.; Springfield, Ohio; and Williamstown, W.Va. The company maintains ship-thru agreements with all major truck OEMs.

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