New EV Charging Service Offers Additional Microgrid Capabilities


FlexGen Power Systems Inc., an energy storage solution and software technology provider, has launched Plug & Play FlexGen Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Services, utilizing its updated HybridOS 9.3 energy management system platform.

The solution provides a containerized energy storage system that guarantees efficient and economical charging and optimizes energy consumption to ensure maximum value to the charging network operator.

In addition to energy services for EV charging, HybridOS 9.3 expands microgrid capabilities to ensure the charging stations can still deliver regardless of what is happening on the power grid.

“EVs are the future, and flexible, advanced, available EV charging is the most important step to realizing that future,” states Kelcy Pegler, CEO of FlexGen. “With Hybrid OS, FlexGen is perfectly positioned to meet the Biden Administration’s plan to provide onsite charging along the national highway system. We’re committed to delivering solutions that allow our customers to meet the full range of operational and commercial demands today, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.”

HybridOS integrates seamlessly with on-site energy resources, reducing charging site demand costs within the constraints of customers’ existing interconnect. The intelligence of the software supports both greenfield and brownfield EV charging needs. FlexGen enables participation in regional power markets and demand response programs with integrated energy storage systems and EV charging solutions.

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