FedEx Going After Higher Goal For Reducing Aircraft Fleet Emissions


FedEx Corp. has intensified its efforts to put sustainability at the forefront of its operations, announcing plans to reduce – by an additional 50% – emissions from its fleet of FedEx Express aircraft.

The company had originally set a goal of reducing aircraft emissions 20% by 2020, relative to 2005 levels. (By the end of fiscal-year 2011, FedEx had already seen a 13.8% decrease in emissions.) Now, the goal is 30% by 2020. FedEx has also reaffirmed its goal of sourcing at least 30% of its jet fuel from alternative fuels by 2030.

The company's newest Global Citizenship Report also says that by 2015, FedEx Express will have replaced all of its less-efficient Boeing 727s with more fuel-efficient and higher-payload 757 aircraft. The company is also continuing to introduce Boeing 777F aircraft, which use 18% less fuel than the MD-11 aircraft.

The report also highlights progress that has been made with FedEx's ground fleet, where on-the-road deployments of hybrid and all-electric commercial vehicles have increased substantially, to a total of 364 hybrid-electric vehicles and 118 electric vehicles.

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