Ev Dynamics Brings E-Platform Chassis to North American New Energy Vehicle Market


Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), has expanded its global reach by entering the growing North American NEV market with a solution for manufacturers of buses, coaches, trucks and vans.

The B2B solution offers Ev Dynamics’ proprietary e-platform chassis that has been designed especially for the rapid development of electric and hydrogen vehicles. The platform is a complete rolling chassis that houses the drivetrain, battery or hydrogen fuel cell, and vehicle control unit.

A traditional coach builder can use an existing vehicle body to produce complete NEVs on their existing manufacturing line simply by replacing the petrol-powered frame with an Ev Dynamics e-platform chassis.

“The advantage of our unique B2B solution is that it enables manufacturers of commercial vehicles to rapidly introduce NEVs to their customers,” states Ev Dynamics’ CEO, Miguel Valldecabres Polop. “Our solution can also limit the development costs and regulatory approvals required to establish new vehicle designs and a specialized NEV manufacturing facility.”

The e-platform chassis system will be entirely produced at Ev Dynamics’ NEV manufacturing facility in China’s Wulong Industrial Park. The facility can also produce complete buses, coaches, trucks and vans based upon a vehicle manufacturer’s custom specifications.

“Ev Dynamics can help manufacturers overcome such barriers to entry, and we can accelerate our own time-to-market by leveraging our NEV manufacturing capability in tandem with their existing traditional vehicle manufacturing and distribution infrastructure,” continues Polop. “So, rather than competing, we collaborate and supply our base NEV system that they can integrate with their existing vehicle designs and manufacturing process. This enables both of us to quickly produce vehicles that are already ideally designed for their particular regional marketplace.”

The company has already established a pipeline of partnerships and manufacturing agreements in North America. This includes a major investment in a provider of electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles that will use Ev Dynamics exclusively for all of its NEV manufacturing.

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