ESW ThermaCat-e System Gets CARB Approval


ESW Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc., has attained California Air Resources Board certification for its ThermaCat-e diesel particulate filter system, which is tailored to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)-based engines.

ThermaCat-e is now approved for retrofits on 1993 through 2009 on-road engine model years that have an engine displacement between four liters and 13 liters and a horsepower rating between 150 hp and 400 hp. The product is designed to reduces diesel particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon in excess of 85% while also meeting nitrogen dioxide emissions regulations.

‘The new executive order allows the company to sell product into on-road applications with EGR engines, which our key dealers and distributors have been anticipating,’ says Mark Yung, executive chairman of ESW.

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