EO Charging Introduces eBus Division and Software Platform


EO Charging, a provider of technology-enabled turnkey solutions for electric vehicle (EV) fleets, has launched a dedicated eBus division and software platform to support the electrification of bus fleets and the drive by local and national governments to reach clean air targets.

EO has appointed Keith Watson, former senior director at Alexander Dennis Ltd., an independent global bus manufacturer, to lead the new division.

Building on EO’s fleet management capabilities and adding functionality specific to electric buses, EO’s eBus software solution will integrate with any OCPP-compliant charge point, not just EO’s own charging hardware. Managed by EO Cloud, EO’s leading EV charging software, the new eBus solution enables the integration of new buses as fleets grow, as well as the integration of new charging hardware over time.

The software solution provides benefits for fleet managers who want to configure new depots and install chargers; fleet managers who are decarbonizing their fleets and need to understand how to operate an eBus fleet profitably and reliably; and finance teams who need to understand the costs and factors such as energy consumption and wastage.

EO’s eBus charge point and depot management software includes features to enhance fleet manager experience around charge point status and performance, vehicle tracking and data, depot view, remote diagnostics and resolution, support and maintenance, and compliance.

“Moving to a zero-emission fleet is now the number one priority for bus operators around the world,” says Watson. “Government and local authorities have set ambitious net-zero targets and there’s mounting pressure from the general public on the need for cleaner air in our cities. We know that a one-size-fits all approach to electrification doesn’t work for bus operators and we’re building a solution that can adapt to any customer.”

“Launching our new eBus division is an important next step on our mission to become the global leader in charging electric car, van truck and bus fleets,” states Charlie Jardine, CEO of EO Charging. “Our eBus division, along with our software, is the perfect partner to all entities with the ambition of eliminating emissions.”

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