Enova Developing ACUMEN System For Electric Vehicles


Enova, a company focused on developing and marketing electric drive systems for commercial vehicles, says it is working on a new system called ACUMEN that will complement the firm's OMNI drive system.

Enova says ACUMEN will be ‘power-source agnostic, including natural gas, and will offer increased application flexibility and ease of integration.’ The goal is to make ACUMEN compatible with all drive systems and motors while offering ‘close to double the power density of older generation designs.’

‘The industry is at a position where we are trying to get enough critical mass to move forward, yet there remains extreme caution and a lack of urgency in regards to larger-volume EV deployments,’ says Mike Staran, Enova's president and CEO. ‘Enova's aggressive approach toward forging worldwide partnerships should further strengthen our ability to control distribution channels and move past the caution.’

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