Energy Vision Joins Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas


Energy Vision, a nonprofit organization that promotes clean fuels for transportation applications, has joined the Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas. The coalition – also a nonprofit – is focused on advancing renewable natural gas (RNG) as an alternative energy resource.

‘I believe membership in the coalition made sense for Energy Vision because they see we have the same goal of advancing RNG as a viable solution to our states' and our nation's most pressing energy and environmental problems,’ says coalition executive director Johannes Escudero. ‘RNG is a critical component of any renewables strategy, and Energy Vision not only understands this, they have been proclaiming it boldly for years.’

‘This is a nonprofit organization that recognizes that information is power,’ adds David Cox, director of operations for the coalition. ‘They have the skill, passion and credibility to deliver critical information about renewable natural gas to our nation's leaders and the masses.’

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