Energtek Enhances Compressed Natural Gas Supply Solution


Energtek Inc., a company that provides mobile transportation solutions for industrial consumers and fleets, has developed a new generation of its Hyboost devices – the EN-Hyboost portfolio of technologies.

EN-Hyboost is a compact, lightweight device that enables the transfer of natural gas from one high-pressure vessel (200-250 bar, or 3,000 psi) into other high-pressure vessels (also 200-250 bars, or 3,000 psi) without the use of conventional compressors.

‘There are many diversified applications for the EN-Hyboost worldwide, each of them enabling cost, space and weight optimization and savings,’ says Yuri Ginzburg, Energtek's chief technical officer.

He explains that the enhanced technology allows EN-Hyboost to be used with mobile compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling equipment (via semi-trailer, railroad cars, etc.) that is delivering gas to natural gas vehicles or daughter CNG stations.

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