ENEOS, JERA Open the Tokyo Oi Hydrogen Station


ENEOS Corp. and JERA Co. Inc. have opened the Tokyo Oi Hydrogen Station, a joint project to promote the use of hydrogen located on the site of the JERA-operated Oi Thermal Power Station in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

In preparation for the opening of the station, JERA provided the Oi Thermal Power Station site and constructed pipelines to carry city gas – the feedstock for hydrogen – while ENEOS constructed a commercial hydrogen filling station equipped with on-site equipment to generate hydrogen from city gas. The station will be one of 42 commercial hydrogen stations operated by ENEOS nationwide.

The station produces hydrogen using city gas from Ohgishima City Gas Supply Co. Ltd. and supplies hydrogen to fuel cell passenger cars and buses being introduced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. 

The station also has a delivery facility and will ship hydrogen to ENEOS hydrogen stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Furthermore, since the station is located at the center of the physical distribution network that sustains the Tokyo metropolitan economy, the companies believe it can also play a role as a hydrogen supply base for fuel cell trucks in the future.

Photo: The Tokyo Oi Hydrogen Station

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