Elemental, Cariboo Team Up to Advance Clean Fuels Hubs in Western Canada


Next-generation clean fuels hubs will advance the production and distribution of low-carbon fuels including hydrogen and renewable natural gas in western Canada as part of a new partnership between Elemental Clean Fuels and Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels Inc.

Leveraging their respective expertise and resources, both companies have joined forces as Cariboo Clean Fuels Inc. (CCF) to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions while mitigating environmental impact.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative partnership alongside Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels,” says Zachary Steele, CEO of Elemental Clean Fuels and chairman of CCF. “By combining our strengths and resources, we can expand our impact to become a leader in clean fuel throughout western Canada by leading the transition toward a more sustainable energy ecosystem with industry partners, indigenous peoples and government.”

CCF expects to have at least five clean fuels projects in operation in British Columbia and Alberta within the next three years and is exploring opportunities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The company will also explore opportunities for collaboration with indigenous organizations, government agencies, other industry leaders and research institutions to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy.

“By combining our local knowledge and additional resources, we have a unique opportunity with CCF to drive meaningful change and address the urgent challenges posed by climate change,” says Bob Blattler, CEO of Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels. “Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future.”

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