Electriphi’s Partnerships Ease Transition for EV Fleets


Electriphi, a provider of software solutions for electric vehicle (EV) fleet and energy management, has invested $3.5 million with partner companies to fuel customer growth, scale its services and enter into new markets. 

Electriphi’s transitional platform offers fleet and energy management solutions that reduce operational costs while accelerating infrastructure and EV deployment. The company’s core technology leverages machine learning algorithms to provide optimal fleet and energy management, taking into account day-to-day operational challenges.

Electriphi also says it has signed customer contracts across multiple industry segments, including its deployment with the Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento, Calif. 

“Twin Rivers Unified School District has the largest fleet of electric school buses in North America, and our ambition is to transition to a fully electric fleet in the coming years,” says Tim Shannon, transportation services director at Twin Rivers Unified School District. 

“This is a significant undertaking, and we needed a trusted partner that could provide us state-of-the-art charging management and help us with data collection and monitoring. Electriphi has absolutely been that partner to us by helping reduce operational costs and simplifying our data collection and reporting,” he adds.

The company has developed a solution that is compatible with any charging infrastructure or vehicle type. Its software platform includes a range of features such as charging management, telematics integration, dynamic scheduling, fault reporting, route management, service tracking and other factors that improve fleet reliability while reducing fueling and maintenance costs. 

Photo: Twin Rivers Unified School District’s electrified bus fleet

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