Electric Last Mile Mobility Lab Opens to Develop Advanced Solutions for Fleets


Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. has announced the opening of its Urban Mobility Lab in San Francisco – ELMS’ new tech hub for innovative electric vehicle fleet solutions.

The lab’s focus will be expansive, covering advanced in-vehicle technology, edge-to-cloud architecture, data-intensive applications and machine learning. Advanced technology specialization in these areas will allow ELMS to provide customer solutions that increase vehicle productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

Data will be analyzed from ELMS commercial EVs and their environments, giving the lab crucial information to understand how to improve efficiencies for ELMS fleets. Employees at the lab will also work with collaborative partners to understand how best to serve all-electric fleets.

San Francisco was chosen as the location due to its large pool of talent in hardware and software engineering, and it being a home to some of the most innovative companies in the transportation industry.

“The Urban Mobility Lab will have an unrelenting focus on transforming the urban last mile for our customers through clean, zero emissions electric vehicles,” explains Jonathan Ballon, chief strategy officer for ELMS. “We see our automotive engineering and manufacturing expertise at our Michigan, Indiana and China facilities coupled with the agile innovation culture and deep technology talent of Silicon Valley as a winning combination.”

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