EDI and Ford Enter Hybrid Vehicle Patent License Agreement


Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI), a California-based hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions provider, has announced it entered into a license agreement for hybrid vehicle patents with Ford Motor Co. effective in August.

According to EDI, the license includes a portfolio of patents owned by the University of California (UC), which originates from the work of Dr. Andrew A. Frank at the University of California-Davis (the Frank/UC Portfolio). Frank is a co-founder of EDI, the exclusive licensee to the Frank/UC Portfolio.

The terms of the license to Ford are confidential. EDI notes it previously entered into an agreement regarding the portfolio with Toyota Motor Corp., finalizing that arrangement before entering into negotiations with Ford.

“EDI is pleased that two leaders in the hybrid vehicle industry have recognized the significant value of EDI's technology in the space,” says Joerg Ferchau, CEO of EDI. “We look forward to continuing our work in the green vehicle industry and are enthusiastic about the future of zero-emissions technologies.”

EDI is represented by Matthew Woods and Peter Surdo of Robins Kaplan LLP.

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