Echo Automotive Ready to Offer Plug-In Hybrid Tech to Fleets


Echo Automotive Inc., a developer of aftermarket plug-in hybrid systems, has launched North American pre-sales and the company's EchoDrive Premiere incentive program.

The company says fleets interested in adding plug-in hybrid capability to new or existing Ford E-Series vehicles can now reserve EchoDrive for delivery starting in mid-2014. Production of 1,000 units will be allocated to the EchoDrive Premiere program, which includes an extended warranty for each unit, first rights to additional production, and installation and services incentives based upon the number of units purchased.

EchoDrive Premiere is a limited run program and will be offered on a first come, first served basis, the company says.

Echo Automotive is also accepting reservations for its beta program, which is scheduled for rollout in the first quarter of 2014. Pre-orders from beta participants reserve a priority position in the production delivery schedule.

EchoDrive is a bolt-on aftermarket system that adds plug-in hybrid capability to new or existing fleet vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency up to 50% and decreasing emissions up to 30%.

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