Drop-In Biofuels Initiative Welcomes Chevron Lummus


Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Chevron Products Co. and Lummus Technology, has joined ARA's ReadiJet Alternative Fuel Initiative, which is aimed at developing drop-in biofuels for diesel and jet engines.

‘With the combination of ARA's CH PROCESS and CLG's ISOCONVERSION process technology, we can now produce fungible distillate fuels that meet full ASTM quality requirements and can be blended into refiners' distillate fuel pools without the density and blending quality issues,’ says Leon DeBruyn, co-managing director of CLG.

CLG is an integrated source for hydroprocessing technologies, catalysts, reactor internals and engineering services. The company will provide licensing and engineering services, reactor engineering, catalyst supply, and start-up assistance after construction is complete on ReadiJet commercial facilities.

Commercial samples of ReadiJet fuel are currently being produced to be included in engine testings at various OEM facilities, and a test flight using ReadiJet is planned for June.

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