DocGo Receives EV Ambulances from REV Group to Transport Patients


REV Group Inc., which includes companies that manufacture Horton, AEV, Road Rescue, Wheeled Coach and Leader brand ambulances, is starting deliveries of an all-electric, zero-emission ambulance to DocGo, a provider of last-mile mobile health services and integrated medical mobility.

Manufactured at Leader Emergency Vehicles in South El Monte, Calif., this all-electric ambulance eliminates the pollution of a standard gasoline ambulance.

“We are committed to lead the industry in electric ambulances to meet the sustainability missions of our customers, such as DocGo’s goal to have an all-electric fleet by 2032,” says Anoop Prakash, president of REV Ambulance Group. “We’re delighted to help DocGo reach their target, with the support of our partner Lightning eMotors.”

Lightning eMotors worked with Leader and DocGo to create the new vehicle. The Ford Transit T350 Type II ambulance chassis was electrified at Lightning eMotors and built at Leader’s facility. Leader’s High Roof Transit van offers up to 86 kWh of battery capacity that can be charged via Level 2 AC charging or DC fast charging. This model is equipped with dual rear wheels, increased interior headroom to aid crews in loading and unloading their patient, and an extended body length to provide more workspace for patient care.

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside Leader on this exciting initiative for DocGo,” mentions Nick Bettis, director of marketing and sales operations at Lightning eMotors. “In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the drastic reduction in pollutants is better for the overall health of the patients being transported.”

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