DEKRA, Calif. Energy Commission Facility Opens for EV Testing, Certification


The Vehicle-Grid Innovation Laboratory (ViGIL) from DEKRA is offering state-of-the-art testing and certification services for future mobility. The Concord, Calif., facility offers functional, conformance and interoperability testing for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and charging infrastructure.

Created in partnership with the California Energy Commission, ViGIL seeks to transform the transportation sector by improving the interoperability of electric vehicles (EV) and charging infrastructure. It also seeks to increase capacity and throughput of EVSE standards testing and expand testing for EV charging equipment. Meeting these challenges are critical, as California transitions to 100% electric vehicle sales by 2035, and to ensure a seamless charging experience for consumers.

“Interoperability is key to ensuring that electric vehicle drivers can easily charge their cars at any charging station,” says Patty Monahan, Transportation Commissioner at the California Energy Commission. “We awarded DEKRA funding to establish the Vehicle-Grid Innovation Lab to meet this challenge head-on and provide essential testing and certification services, including those required to access federal and state funding.”

ViGIL offers a range of services for EV and EVSE manufacturers and suppliers, charging point operators, and service providers. These tests meet regulatory and industry requirements to launch EVSE in the market, as well as those necessary to apply for federal or state funds, such as the $7.5 billion allocated for EV charging in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“The opening of ViGIL is a critical step to further the electrification of the automotive industry and transition to alternative fuel sources,” comments Bert Zoetbrood, president of DEKRA Americas. “DEKRA will continue to expand the state-of-the-art service offerings at ViGIL to further solidify our position as the leader in future mobility testing and certification.”

This builds upon the company’s capabilities in EV and EVSE charging globally, including facilities for OCPP, CharIN, safety and EMC/RF testing in Sterling, Va.; Shanghai, China; and Arnhem, Netherlands. Through its worldwide network of laboratories, DEKRA offers a range of testing services for electric, connected and automated vehicles, including cybersecurity services, laboratory testing, field testing; and regulatory certification services, such as FCC Part 15 and Part 90 for U.S. market access.

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