Decisiv, Cummins Integrate Point of Service Solutions


Decisiv Inc. says the Cummins servicing technology suite, Guidanz, is entering beta testing on its service relationship management (SRM) platform. The integrated solution will be available to more than 5,000 service provider locations and 40,000 fleets across North America in the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem in 2022.

“The integration of Cummins Guidanz in the Decisiv SRM platform streamlines maintenance and repair of the manufacturer’s engines,” says Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv. “The combination of features and capabilities from Decisiv and Cummins improves efficiency for service operations and maximizes equipment uptime.

“The integration with Cummins Guidanz will be available through the Decisiv SRM Marketplace, which is rapidly becoming the one stop shop for fleets and service providers looking for new solutions to dramatically improve asset management and service operations,” adds Hyatt.

With the integration of Cummins Guidanz in the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem, fleets, managed care providers and service providers benefit from having access to genuine Cummins expertise communicated in a single location at the point of service.

The integration will eliminate the need to go to multiple systems to capture and share key information about service work, improving data accuracy while reducing wasted time and effort. Additionally, reporting features will help ensure the highest level of service quality, asset utilization and performance across Decisiv and Cummins customer networks.

“Incorporating Cummins Guidanz into the growing Decisiv SRM Ecosystem streamlines service activity and drives up efficiency by providing users with accurate and timely information,” mentions Ryan Kikendall, executive director of Cummins Digital Organization at Cummins. “Cummins is pleased to take this integral step to enhance operations for our service providers and fleet customers by integrating with Decisiv to set a new standard for service quality.”

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