DB Schenker to Evaluate Range’s Electric-Powered Trailers in Pilot Agreement


Range Energy, a company bringing powered trailers to the commercial trucking market, has signed a pilot agreement with logistics services provider DB Schenker to deploy its electric-powered trailer. During the pilot, Range trailers will be implemented and evaluated in select DB Schenker commercial trucking operations in the second half of 2024.

The pilot roadmap will be established using a planning study that assesses operational factors such as suitable routes, payload considerations, technical support, data sharing and charging operations. The objective of the pilot phase is for DB Schenker to evaluate Range’s electric-powered trailers within its live fleet operations as well as analyze key metrics, such as trailer availability and fuel savings, and produce a report detailing a long-term electric trailer rollout strategy for the fleet.

“Our trailers are critical for commercial fleets to quickly decarbonize, enhance safety and improve vehicle efficiency, and we are eager to get them integrated into real-world operations happening each day,” says Ali Javidan, CEO and founder of Range. “Kicking off this pilot with DB Schenker is indicative of the continued commercial interest we are receiving, and we look forward to a successful pilot that proves immense fuel and efficiency savings.”

“We are excited to partner with Range in this pilot program to explore the potential of electric-powered trailers in our trucking operations,” adds George Henry, DB Schenker’s executive vice president, Land Transport, Region Americas. “Sustainability is a key focus for DB Schenker, and we are committed to evaluating innovative solutions that can help us reduce emissions and improve efficiency in our logistics operations.”

Fleet personnel who want to learn more about Range’s pilot program can visit https://range.energy/pilot-form/.

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