Cuomo Unveils Clean Transportation Initiatives


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has unveiled a package of major clean transportation initiatives, including a “Make Ready” order approved by the New York State Public Service Commission (NYPSC) to advance New York’s commitment to accelerate its transition to cleaner mobility. 

The recent announcements support Cuomo’s plan to decarbonize the transportation sector and reduce overall statewide carbon emissions 85% by 2050, as well as the recent collaborative announcement by New York, 14 other states and Washington, D.C., to ramp up the electrification of diesel buses and trucks by 2050.

“New York is committed to combating climate change and to reimagining our power systems with innovative clean energy policies and we are taking major steps to decarbonize vehicles, including light and heavy-duty trucks and buses,” Cuomo says. 

“Through initiatives like the EV “Make Ready” program, we are building out the infrastructure that is necessary to support the electrification of our transportation sector, while ensuring that every New Yorker can share in the benefits of this transition including cleaner air and new, well-paying jobs,” he adds.

The transportation sector is responsible for the largest contribution to greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S., with these emissions increasing more than any other sector over the last 30 years. Encouraging accelerated, forward-thinking development of charging infrastructure will provide New Yorkers with more than $2.6 billion in net benefits and supports the achievement of the state’s transportation electrification and clean energy goals. Thoughtful siting of charging infrastructure will support reduced installation costs, improve site host-acceptance and maximize use from drivers.

The EV “Make-Ready” Program will be funded by investor-owned utilities in New York and creates a cost-sharing program that incentivizes utilities and charging station developers to site electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in places that will provide a maximal benefit to consumers. The NYPSC order caps the total budget at $701 million and will run through 2025, with $206 million allocated toward equitable access and benefits for lower-socio-economic and disadvantaged communities which will also be eligible for a higher incentive supporting up to 100% of the costs to make a site ready for EV charging.

In addition to the “Make Ready” funding from investor-owned utilities, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is allocating $48.8 million from the Volkswagen diesel emissions settlement to transit bus and school bus operators and EV charging station owners to advance local growth of EV infrastructure, clean public transportation and transit options, and electric school buses.

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