Cummins Westport Shakes Up Management, Board of Directors


Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) has announced changes to its board of directors and management in accordance with the terms of the 50/50 joint venture agreement between Cummins Inc. and Westport Innovations Inc.

The board of directors changes are as follows:

  • Ed Pence, Cummins' vice president of the high-horsepower engine business, is stepping down as chairman of CWI upon completion of his three-year term;
  • Jim Arthurs, executive vice president of heavy-duty systems of Westport, has been elected chairman of CWI; and
  • Lori Thompson, vice president of engine business marketing at Cummins Inc., is joining the board of directors.

Changes to the management team include the following:

  • Pervez Akhtar, business unit controller of Westport who also held positions at Siemens AG, Cooper Industries and Linamar Corp., has been appointed controller of CWI;
  • As previously announced, Gord Exel is stepping down as president of CWI at the end of his term and will be returning to a new assignment at Westport; and
  • As previously announced, Rob Neitzke, formerly general manager of the construction segment of Cummins' off-highway engine business, has been appointed president of CWI.

In addition to Arthurs and Thompson, the following have been elected to the CWI board of directors for a one-year term:

  • Ashoka Achuthan, chief financial officer of Westport;
  • Dean Cantrell, automotive (on-highway) business controller of Cummins Inc.;
  • Roe East, general manager of the heavy-duty and mid-range on-highway natural gas business at Cummins Inc.; and
  • Thomas Rippon, executive vice president of global engineering at Westport.

The changes are effectively immediately.

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