Cummins ISX15 Attains EPA Cert For 2014 GHG, Fuel-Efficiency Rules


Cummins Inc. says it has received certification for its ISX15 engine from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), meeting both the EPA 2013 regulations and the new greenhouse gas and fuel-efficiency rules that will take effect in 2014. Cummins' 2014 greenhouse gas certification is the first engine certificate issued by the EPA, the company notes.

Improvements to the base engine being delivered in 2013 include optimized combustion and reduced parasitic load through high-efficiency water, fuel and lube pump systems, as well as up to a 2% fuel economy boost over today's engine. Cummins' ISX15 for 2013 uses the XPI fuel system, VGT turbocharger, Cummins aftertreatment system with diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technology, and fully integrated electronics.

‘Cummins 2013 truck engines will deliver better fuel economy with no major hardware changes,’ says Jeff Jones, Cummins' vice president of sales and market communications.

A natural-gas-powered version of the 15-liter power plant is offered by Westport HD.

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