Cummins, BAE Introduce Transit Bus Stop/Start Technology


BAE Systems and Cummins Inc. say transit buses equipped with Cummins' ISB6.7 hybrid diesel-electric engines and BAE Systems' HybriDrive Series-E propulsion systems are now available with engine stop/start technology.

Also known as ‘anti-idle mode,’ the technology enables bus engines to shut off at stops and then re-engage upon acceleration. The stop/start mode reduces engine idling time by up to 40%, the companies say.

‘We are seeing significant fuel economy benefits with the two pilot buses programmed with the new stop/start function,’ says Dave Kilmer, executive director of Red Rose Transit, a Lancaster, Pa.-based fleet that has been testing the technology. ‘In addition, our customers and drivers have told us these hybrid buses with stop/start are much quieter.’

The stop/start technology, which was also tested by transit fleet Metro Minneapolis, is available for order on 40-foot buses produced by New Flyer Industries, Gillig and Nova Bus. Fleets will begin receiving the first deliveries this fall.

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