C.R. England Adopting Advanced Trailer Tech to Improve Fuel Efficiency


C.R. England Inc., one of the largest heavy-duty refrigerated carriers in the U.S., says it will be using TrailerTail technology from ATDynamics Inc. to improve trailer aerodynamics and increase fuel efficiency.

‘Our testing has shown that improved air flow at the rear of the trailer results in reduced fuel consumption,’ says Corey England, executive vice president at C.R. England. ‘Installing TrailerTails on our latest group of new trailers will allow us to observe these benefits in a real-world situation throughout our transportation network.’

TrailerTails are mounted to a semi-trailer's rear doors and reduce aerodynamic drag at the flat rear surface of the trailer. The ‘origami design’ allows the devices to completely collapse out of the way when the trailer doors are opened to allow the loading and unloading of cargo, the company says.

C.R. England, a partner in the U.S EPA's SmartWay Transport program, is based in Salt Lake City.

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