CP Industries Builds CNG, NGV Team with Two New Hires


CP Industries, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of pressure vessels for alternative-fuel storage and other applications, recently hired Nicole Rebyanski as its senior product manager for alternative fuels.

In her new role, Rebyanski focuses on providing customer, product and sales support for CP Industries' ground storage, transportation and on-board vehicle product platforms, such as ASME tanks for compressed natural gas (CNG) stations and Type 4 cylinders for natural gas vehicles. Rebyanski – who has 14 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution environments – will also lead the company's marketing initiatives.
CP Industries has also appointed Concept Derek RM Inc. as its exclusive manufacturer sales representative in Canada for alternative fuels, including tube-trailer applications for transportation market sectors and ground storage for refueling stations. Derek Russell-Murray, owner and president of Concept Derek RM, has extensive sales and marketing expertise related to industrial equipment for the NGV and CNG markets.

Rebyanski can be reached at (412) 664-6637. For information about products approved for use in Canada, contact Russell-Murray at (514) 237-9164.

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