Coulomb Technologies Forms Partnerships


Coulomb Technologies says it intends to significantly expand’ its ChargePoint electric-vehicle charging platform through partnership agreements with Leviton, Siemens and Aker Wade. Each of the partners will market and distribute their own brand of electric-vehicle supply equipment built specifically for the ChargePoint Network.

Leviton and Siemens will focus on residential and public charging stations for the U.S. and Canadian electric-vehicle markets. Siemens will also provide the stations in Europe. Aker Wade will work on networked fast-charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide. Using the ChargePoint Network, drivers can locate, access and use any charging station using a smart phone, iPhone or Blackberry application. Station owners can set access pricing via a web-enabled user interface, energy providers can manage grid load and billing, and fleet managers can track the charging of their vehicles.

SOURCE: Coulomb Technologies

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