Coulomb Rolls Out ChargePoint 4.0 EV Charging Network


Coulomb Technologies has released its ChargePoint 4.0 platform for electric vehicle (EV) drivers and charging station owners, employing updated designs, user dashboards, administrative tools and other improvements.

New features include an enhanced user interface design and website with revised online dashboards and design elements. Station owners now have access to an easy-to-use online solution that provides station data and metrics, and drivers and station owners can easily view personal, organization and network-wide statistics, as well as recent usage.

Updated pricing structures expand upon ChargePoint's Flex Billing solution, with new features such as the ability to combine per-hour and per-kWh fees, and the ability to charge by plug-in time or actual charging time. Station owners can also specify preferred pricing groups, each with different pricing rules, the company says.

ChargePoint 4.0 also features simplified workflows and administration functions, as well as access to advanced analytics that look at metrics such as peak power usage, GhG emissions and station revenue.

‘ChargePoint 4.0 is the ideal charging solution for employers, retailers, hotels, municipalities, parking services, multiple dwelling units, fleets, and utility companies looking for ways to increase traffic flow to their businesses, provide new value to employees, and differentiate themselves from competitors,’ says Pat Romano, president and CEO of Coulomb Technologies.

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