Cosmodyne Supplying Liquefier to Eagle LNG Partners


Eagle LNG Partners has decided to install a Cosmodyne LLC natural gas liquefier for a new facility in Jacksonville, Fla. The facility is being constructed to address the growing demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) for marine ships in the U.S. Southeast.

The natural gas liquefier features Cosmodyne’s nitrogen refrigeration technology to produce LNG. The plant will also deliver operating flexibility, allowing Eagle LNG to increase and decrease production in response to fluctuating market demand.

George Pappagelis, Cosmodyne’s general manager, says, “Cosmodyne is excited to play an integral role in making LNG a viable alternative fuel for ships and look forward to a successful project with Eagle LNG and their customers.”

The equipment will be designed and fabricated in Cosmodyne’s California facilities.

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