Container Transport Specialist Adds LNG-Fueled Truck to Fleet


Gasum, a natural gas and biogas company, says that Finnish shipping container transport specialist Speed Oy has introduced a liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered Volvo FM 460 hp dual-fuel truck to its fleet operating from the Vuosaari Harbor in Helsinki.

Gasum says it’s working to develop the natural gas refueling network across Finland, and that it expects to open an LNG refueling station for heavy-duty vehicles at Vuosaari Harbor in August.

“LNG is a natural step in our efforts to make transport greener,” says Tuomo Vallas, Speed Oy’s managing director. “We’ve already been involved for four years in an Eco-Truck trial, where large-capacity modular combination vehicles are operated under a special permit granted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The results are promising: Carbon dioxide emissions have been cut by as much as over 40%.”

“We’ve received encouraging feedback about the Eco-Truck from our environmentally responsible customers, and therefore, I believe that the number of Speed’s LNG-fueled vehicles will also increase in the future,” Vallas continues.

Gasum adds that a liquefied-compressed natural gas (LCNG) filling station will be ready for service at the Port of Turku in September, and in 2017, additional LCNG stations will be opened in Jyväskylä and Vantaa. Further, the company says that the infrastructure now under construction will also enable the use of liquefied biogas for heavy-duty transport.

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