Consumers Energy Launches Program to Help Michigan Businesses Transition to EVs


Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest energy provider, has launched a new program, PowerMIFleet, to help businesses statewide transition to carbon-free electric vehicles (EVs).

The new program will focus on Michigan businesses, offering expertise and $3 million in rebates for charging locations throughout the state.

“Michigan was the birthplace of the U.S. auto industry,” says Lauren Youngdahl Snyder, vice president for customer experience at Consumers Energy. “Now, we are the center of the industry’s clean energy revolution. With PowerMIFleet, we at Consumers Energy are taking our success with EVs to the next level, making it easier for other businesses to join us on this clean energy journey. Consumers Energy will connect Michigan businesses, local governments and school bus fleets with the planning resources, expert guidance, and financial incentives to easily and cost-effectively transition to EVs.”

Through PowerMIFleet, Consumers Energy will provide expertise and consultation services to Michigan businesses, governments and school systems that are looking to electrify their vehicle fleets and charge overnight through cost-saving use rates. Consumers Energy is launching PowerMIFleet to build on its existing EV program, PowerMIDrive, which makes EV cost savings simple by providing time of use rates for EV drivers and over 800 rebates for home, business and public charging stations in the last two years.

Through all of its vehicle programs, Consumers Energy plans to help power 200 fast-charging locations – and over 2,000 chargers at homes and businesses – over the next three years in Michigan. These vehicles will be powered by an electric grid that is moving toward being carbon neutral. Consumers Energy’s Clean Energy Plan calls for eliminating coal, eliminating energy waste and adding more renewable energy sources.

Businesses and eligible groups can learn more about PowerMIFleet by clicking here.

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