Construction Complete on Indiana’s Largest RNG Plant


Kinetrex Energy, an inter-state liquefied natural gas (LNG) company, EDL, a global producer of sustainable distributed energy, and South Side Landfill, a privately owned business and the only Subtitle D, municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in Indianapolis, say the construction of the Indy High BTU plant has been completed. 

The plant, which will be fully operational later this month, will convert landfill methane gas into approximately 8 million gallons of renewable natural gas (RNG) each year, and in the process, reduce greenhouse gas air emissions in central Indiana, develop a local renewable resource and lower fuel costs. Indy High BTU is the largest RNG plant in Indiana.

“This is an exciting day for our city. We are pleased to see Kinetrex Energy, a homegrown-Indianapolis company, spearheading the effort to provide cleaner, renewable fuel for transportation across the Midwest,” says Joe Hogsett, mayor of Indianapolis. 

With construction now complete, Indy High BTU will begin supplying Kinetrex Energy with RNG, which Kinetrex will turn into LNG and sell to Midwest transportation fleets. Kinetrex recently signed a six-year agreement to supply UPS with up to 52.5 million gallons of LNG for its Class 8, LNG-powered fleets in Chicago, Toledo, Columbus, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Photo: South Side Landfill

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