Connilly Enterprises Aiding Hydro-Cat’s Market Reach


WEPOWER Ecolutions Inc., a subsidiary of Premier Holding Corp., is partnering with Connilly Enterprises Inc. to distribute its fuel delivery system products, such as the Hydro-Cat hydrogen generators for diesel and gasoline engines.

The Hydro-Cat is designed to increase an engine's fuel efficiency by 10% to 30%, horsepower by up to 10% and torque by up to 8%. The Hydro-Cat HX-100 is a patent-pending ‘coolant-to-fuel heat exchanger’ that uses wasted or unused heat from the engine's coolant to heat the fuel and the catalyst inside the catalyst chamber. In turn, the catalyst is able to speed up the fuel's ability to vaporize inside the engine's intake manifold and cylinder. The product integrates easily with most engine types, including Detroit Diesel and Cummins.

‘Our goal is to distribute the Hyrdo-Cat products into the U.S. Navy and major transportation fleet companies,’ says Kevin Donovan, CEO of WEPOWER Ecolutions. ‘We are very excited about this global sales and distribution opportunity through Connilly.’

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