Companies Partner to Build Plug-In Hybrid-Electric System for Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Electric drive system specialist Balqon Corp. and Polar Power Inc., a company that focuses on electric generators and related technologies, have inked an agreement to jointly develop plug-in hybrid-electric systems for heavy-duty vehicles.

The specific focus of the agreement is to build a 40 kW on-board DC hybrid generator that will charge batteries during vehicles' daily drive cycles to increase these vehicles' range.

‘Our experience in DC generators and hybrid industrial/commercial and military vehicles, combined with Balqon's experience in heavy-duty electric drive systems, provides both companies an opportunity to expand our markets in stationary, marine and mobile power applications,’ says Arthur D. Sams, CEO of Polar Power.

Balqon builds various proprietary all-electric heavy-duty vehicles, such as the Model XRE20 tractor for port drayage applications.

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