Companies Ink Alternative Fuel Vehicle Supply Agreement


Enerpulse Technologies has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Imega International Group whereby the company will supply its Pulstar brand of spark plugs to Imega for alternative fuel vehicle applications.

This five-year agreement will focus solely on the European market, where Imega performs compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), propane autogas and E85 ethanol vehicle conversions.

‘Plasma produced by the Enerpulse n-PAC technology has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to ensure consistent ignition and improved combustion quality in both alternative fuel and high performance gasoline vehicle applications,’ says Patrizio Boncompagni, president of Imega. ‘We see this technology being widely accepted by consumers in Europe as fuel economy and emission regulations continue to strengthen.’

Enerpulse recently signed a similar agreement to be the exclusive distributor to Green Bridge Technologies in North America.

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