Companies Form Electric Vehicle Battery Partnership


Finland-based materials company Ahlstrom Corp. has purchased a 49% stake in Porous Power Technologies LLC, which manufactures the SYMMETRIX line of battery separators. The companies plan on developing and commercializing new separator products specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) and other lithium-ion battery applications.

Ahlstrom has been developing lightweight, non-woven materials for lithium-ion membrane separators since 2008, and Porous Power has used this technology in its separator product line. The firms say ‘Ahlstrom brings financial, logistical and organizational resources to the partnership, including worldwide distribution channels.’

‘Third-party battery producers and various government laboratories have validated SYMMETRIX's performance capabilities and abuse tolerance – properties essential for full-scale commercialization of ultra-safe electric vehicle batteries,’ says Kirby Beard, Porous Power's chief operating officer and co-founder.

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