CNG Car Crash Eases Editor’s Safety Concerns


Adam Wilmoth, an energy editor for The Oklahoman, bought a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Honda Civic about two years ago after performing a lot of research, but he admits that he remained slightly worried about just how safe CNG fuel systems are.

In a new Oklahoman article, Wilmoth writes that his concerns have now been eradicated. He says a co-worker's CNG Honda Civic was recently totaled in a bad rear-end accident. Nonetheless, the CNG tank ‘was not punctured, did not leak, and – most importantly – did not explode,’ he writes.

Wilmoth cites data from the U.S. Department of Energy about how natural gas vehicles are safer than conventional vehicles.

“I had read the studies and seen the data,” he says. “But after seeing how Richard's tank withstood the beating from an [Infiniti G37], I'm convinced.”

Wilmoth's full article is available here.

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