ClipperCreek Enhances Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station


ClipperCreek, a company specializing in electric vehicle charging equipment, has enhanced its HCS-40 and CS-40 series Level 2 (240 V) EV charging stations with a power upgrade, from 30 A to 32 A continuous as a standard offering.

The company says the HCS-40, which has a price tag of $590, is ‘the first major-brand, low-cost, Level 2 electric vehicle charging station to break through to the 32 A level without increasing the selling price.’ The charging stations includes 25 feet of charging cable and a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

‘After an in-depth analysis, the ClipperCreek team determined the standards would allow an additional 480 W of power for charging without compromising quality, safety or durability,’ says Jason France, president and founder of ClipperCreek.

The company notes that all of its charging-station products are safety-certified by independent testing laboratories and compatible with all plug-in EVs available on the market today.

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