ClipperCreek Debuts HCS-60 Level 2 Charging Station for Fleet EVs


ClipperCreek has introduced its new HCS-60 Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station – a 240 V, 48 A charger priced at $899.

The company says the fleet-friendly HCS-60 packages all of ClipperCreek's standard product features – such as a three-year warranty, NEMA 4 station enclosure and 25 feet of charge cable – into a single offering. The higher charging current of the HCS-60 makes the product ideal for charging all-electric commercial fleet trucks and similar vehicles.

‘The larger conductor size for the high-power transfer required special care to design for real-world operation,’ says Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek. ‘We used rubber over-molding to fully seal the connector's head and increase the durability in the rough commercial world, [and] the rubber cable jacket increases cold-weather flexibility.’

The company notes that the HCS-60 is compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles that are currently on the market.

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