Clearview Energy Now Offers Free EV Charging


Clearview Energy, a residential supplier of 100% renewable energy, has announced that it now offers free electric vehicle (EV) charging for all of its customers.

According to the company, this is made possible through a partnership between Clearview Energy and ChargePoint, one of the world’s largest EV charging networks. Under the new partnership, EV owners with a ChargePoint Home station can now benefit from free vehicle charging at their own residences.

Specifically, Clearview says charging costs are refunded to the consumer in the form of a reimbursement.

Although transportation is crucial to our economy and our personal lives, it is also a significant source of greenhouse-gas emissions. Transportation accounted for 34% of all carbon emissions in 2015.

Clearview goes on to say that a fundamental change in consumer purchasing and mobility behavior is crucial to any effort to reverse the global warming epidemic, noting that the average across 2017 model EVs is projected to be 114 mpg(e) in comparison with their non-EV counterparts at 40 mpg.

“It’s time to embrace electric vehicles as the future and to enjoy the benefits of a more stable, sustainable and less expensive mode of transportation,” says Frank McGovern, president of Clearview Energy. “We cannot leave the health of our planet and our communities to chance. It’s time to charge ahead, reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.”

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