CLEANCOR Acquires LNG and CNG Fueling Station


CLEANCOR Energy Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. and supplier of alternative fuels to over-the-road truck fleets, says a subsidiary completed an acquisition of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located at 670 Garnet Ave. in Palm Springs, Calif.

The station is an attended card lock facility servicing over-the-road drayage truck fleets, waste haul companies and other commercial fleets transiting the Interstate 10 freight corridor. The station has been growing its LNG and CNG fuel supply volumes to a range of truck fleets, including CLEANCOR customers servicing cargo to the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles as well as other locations in Arizona and California.

“The Palm Springs station is an exciting addition to our portfolio, as it serves as a critical refueling waypoint for existing CLEANCOR customers transiting the I-10 corridor. Its strategic location in California, a leader in clean fuel initiatives, also offers unique growth opportunities as more over-the-road trucking fleets are incentivized to switch to cleaner, less costly fueling alternatives,” says Jeff Woods, CEO of CLEANCOR.

Compared to diesel fuel, LNG and CNG reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions by 11% and 17%, respectively. 

“CLEANCOR stands ready to support fleets in this transition and tailor the design and operation of public and private fueling facilities for our customers across North America,” adds Woods.

The Palm Springs station will be branded “CLEANCOR Fuels.” It has the capacity to expand the number of fleets refueling at the station. In addition to LNG and CNG, CLEANCOR provides renewable natural gas (RNG) at the fuel station at no additional cost to customers.

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