CLEANCOR Acquires CNG/LNG Refueling Firm GreenFix America


CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions LLC has acquired substantially all of the assets of GreenFix America LLC, a Palm Springs, Calif.-based provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling technologies.

CLEANCOR says the acquisition will enhance its ability to offer turnkey LNG and CNG solutions for use by truck fleets and off-pipeline agriculture and industrial customers.

In conjunction with the transaction, GreenFix America managing member Mark Kimberlin has been hired as chief operating officer of CLEANCOR LNG LLC, a subsidiary of CLEANCOR. CLEANCOR LNG distributes LNG and provides technical support.

“Our goal is to build a comprehensive LNG and CNG supply and services business that annually displaces millions of gallons of diesel fuel and propane with reliable and more sustainable natural gas fuels,” says Jeff Woods, CEO of CLEANCOR. “This acquisition, and the hiring of Mark, with his extensive background in design, construction, operations and maintenance of LNG and CNG fueling stations and support equipment, are important steps in facilitating our growth.”

PHOTO: Jeff Woods

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