Clean Transportation Projects Net Funding in North Carolina


The N.C. Solar Center, administrator of the state's federally funded Clean Fuel Advanced Technology (CFAT) project, has selected clean-transportation projects under the CFAT initiative's 2013 request for proposals.

A total of more than $1.7 million will be disbursed through this round of funding. The awards cover a wide range of projects: seven that involve electric vehicle charging stations; four compressed natural gas (CNG) and four propane autogas projects; two projects involving on-board vehicle idle reduction and telematics technology; one project with three biodiesel refueling infrastructure sites; and a clean diesel locomotive project.

In all, over 275 vehicles will be outfitted with alternative fuel or advanced technology for fuel savings and reduced emissions, and 21 EV recharging stations will be installed, along with six alternative fuel stations for dispensing biodiesel, CNG and autogas.

This is the fourth round of funding that has been made available through the CFAT project. The N.C. Solar Center anticipates conducting another request for proposals in early 2014.

The full list of the latest awardees is available here.

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