Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Appoints CEO of Nat-Gas Subsidiary


NG Advantage LLC, which is majority-owned by Clean Energy Fuels Corp., has named Enrico “Rico” Biasetti the company’s CEO to expand its executive team and develop its customer base.

As reported, Biasetti succeeds Tom Evslin, who will remain chairman of the board of directors.

“Expanding our management team will help us maintain excellent service to our current customers, as well as grow our customer base beyond New York and New England,” says Evslin.

“Rico has an entrepreneurial spirit and experience forming and leading companies. He has successfully been selling complex energy products for years and has been responsible for the procurement and delivery of crucial supplies to industrial customers,” he continues. “With his experience, Rico knows the challenges our customers face and how best to provide them service.”

According to the company, NG Advantage carries natural gas to industrial and commercial customers, providing them with the environmental and economic benefits of a clean-burning, domestically produced fuel, despite their being beyond the reach of natural gas pipelines.

Prior to coming to NG Advantage, Biasetti was president and chief operating officer of Biogenic Reagents/Michigan Renewable Carbon, a company that manufactured carbon from renewable biomass. Before Biogenic, he was general manager of the $25 million sustainable division of Cliff Natural Resources. Biasetti’s early career was focused on business development in energy services to industrial markets, commodity trading, risk management, and mergers and acquisitions.

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