City Of London Launches EV Infrastructure Project


The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has officially launched Source London, a project to be led by the local public transport operator, Transport for London, which will provide a network of publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) across the city.

Siemens, which issued a statement announcing its involvement in the project, delivered the IT backbone for the project, as well as the software for the operation center, which will manage the charging points. The number of charging points is targeted to rise to approximately 1,300 by 2013, Siemens adds.

Through Siemens technology, users can access any charge point in the system, anywhere in the city, via a single card. The charging posts are linked to the Siemens-run Source London operation center, and the company provides the infrastructure for customer interaction via a secure Web portal, where drivers can join the Source London program and receive their access smart card, the company explains.

The Siemens portal allows drivers to register and manage their account, as well as locate charging stations. Furthermore, Siemens operates a secure payment system ensuring members get fast and easy access to the charging infrastructure and a simple way to pay using secure payment technology, the company adds.

“We expect the scheme to be a model for other European e-vehicle schemes which will be rolled out in coming years,” says Ralph Griewing, head of electric-vehicle infrastructure within Siemens' energy sector. “I am sure electric vehicles will quickly gain broad acceptance in London due to the favorable environment.”

About 150 charging stations have already been installed for Source London. Future developments will see the installation of Siemens charging equipment.

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