Chinese Manufacturer Gets Recognition for Diesel, LNG Engines


China Yuchai International Ltd. says trucks equipped with its YC6K12 diesel and YC6K13N liquefied natural gas (LNG) engines have won first place in their respective categories at the China International Truck Fuel Economy Competition in Beijing.

According to China Yuchai, the YC6K13N engine has the highest torque power among similar-sized gas engines. By utilizing lean-burn technology, it reduces average energy consumption by 25% compared with a diesel engine of comparable size and power. This 13-liter engine uses 0.8 kg/ton of fuel per 100 kilometers and is compliant with Euro V emission standards.

The YC6K12 diesel engine applies high-reliability technology to enhance the engine's dependability and uses technologies such as more accurate combustion and electronic control, as well as high-strength materials and a high-efficiency engine cooling system, which substantially extends the engine's useful life. It is an advanced 12-liter engine compliant with Euro V and VI emission standards.

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