China Yuchai Supplying Beijing Transit Group with Natural Gas, Diesel Engines


China Yuchai International Ltd. has won a competitive tender from Bafangda Express Bus Services, a subsidiary of the Beijing Public Transportation Group, for the supply of over 600 total natural gas and diesel bus engines.

The contract covers 587 National V natural gas engines, including 237 units of model YC6L260N-50, 108 units of model YC6MK320N-50 and 242 units of model YC6K1336N-50. The deal also includes 48 National VI diesel engines.

This represents China Yuchai's second award through a competitive bidding process by the Beijing Public Transportation Group for National V natural gas engines since 2012, as well as the first award for the purchase of National VI diesel engines. Beijing Public Transportation Group represents the municipal bus service in Beijing.

‘Our advanced engines continue to be purchased in the most important public transportation market in China, the Beijing public transit market,” comments Weng Ming Hoh, president of China Yuchai. He later adds, “Superior emission technologies are an important purchasing consideration, as China's many municipalities seek to reduce pollution and improve air quality.’

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