Chart Industries Expands Hydrogen Business


Chart Industries and Plug Power Inc. have executed a master supply agreement for Chart to supply liquid hydrogen storage and transport equipment to Plug and its subsidiaries. In conjunction with the agreement, Chart received $7.8 million of equipment orders from Plug that are booked in the third quarter.

Plug Power is well-positioned in the hydrogen industry with capabilities in generation, liquefaction and distribution of hydrogen fuel, complementing its position in the design, construction and operation of more than 100 customer-facing hydrogen fueling stations.

Chart is close to executing a formal joint development agreement and entity with one of their key hydrogen customers that will focus on developing liquid hydrogen fueling applications. This agreement builds upon Chart’s 50-plus years of experience designing and manufacturing hydrogen equipment for storage, transport and power applications, as well as multi-station infrastructure in the U.S. for the expansion of fuel cell vehicles. Timing this agreement with the California Energy Commission’s September grant funding for multi-year, multiple hydrogen fueling stations, the future of a scalable fueling infrastructure is accelerating.

Photo: Chart’s Hydrogen Fueling web page

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