Cenntro LS 200 EV Obtains EU N1 Vehicle Type Approval


Commercial EV technology company Cenntro Automotive’s Logistar 200 (LS 200) vehicle has completed all homologation tests in compliance with EU standards and requirements to obtain the N1 vehicle type approval. LS 200 now can be sold and registered in all 27 countries in the EU as well as any other countries that adopt EU vehicle homologation standards.

LS 200 is a multi-purpose, light electric commercial vehicle customized for urban delivery and urban services.

Under the European Commission regulation, there are four general vehicle categories in the European Union and every category includes more than one type. In general, category N refers to power-driven vehicles having at least four wheels and for the carriage of goods. Vehicles for the carriage of goods with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tons are categorized into N1 type, which can distinguish light goods vehicles from the heavy or industrial types. Only vehicles that match all specific metric requirements for certain type of vehicle can be approved. Obtaining N1 type approval means the vehicle can access all concessions and incentives depending on countries that N1 type approval allows.

“We are thrilled that our LS 200 completed all tests for N1 type approval in the European Union and Cenntro is now ready to launch into another exciting stage of growth in the EU market,” states Peter Wang, Cenntro’s chairman and CEO.

“Having obtained the N1 type approval for our LS 200 is evidence that the advanced safety, advanced technology and premium customer experience we provide is recognized and is now also certified, thus leveraging Cenntro into a leadership position in commercializing a multi-billion-dollar market in intra-city, urban transportation across the European Union,” adds Wang.

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